God’s Preoccupation With Us

>>> Mandarin version of this article 神对我们的挚爱之情

Dear Ministry Partner,

We can all appreciate a thoughtful surprise.  A wife is overjoyed when her husband returns home with an unexpected bouquet of flowers. She loves the flowers, but it is knowing that her husband thought of her and made the effort to get her flowers that fills her heart with joy. Similarly, when we receive an unexpected text message from a friend asking how we are doing, their warmth envelops us. How wonderful it is to know that someone is thinking about us in a given moment!


The psalmist writes, “How precious to me are your thoughts, O God! How vast is the sum of them all! Were I to count them, they would outnumber the grains of sand. When I awake, I am still with you.” (Psalm 139:17-18, NIV)

God doesn’t just think of us in certain moments, but all the time, in every moment. Psalm 139 reminds us His thoughts are personal, He knows all about us and cares deeply for us. His thoughts are precious. They are not random and frivolous thoughts but ‘weighty’ and ‘valuable’. They are unique, profound, and purposeful for our well-being (Psalm 92:5 & Jeremiah 29:11). His thoughts are prodigious, too vast and inexhaustible for us to grasp. God never stops thinking about us, even while we are asleep. When we are discouraged and feel alone, let us take comfort in knowing that God thinks the world of us!

Isn’t it mind-blowing to know that the Creator God and Sustainer of all things is constantly thinking about us (see also Psalm 8:3-4)? He is preoccupied with us because He delights in us, like a new mother watching over and thinking about her newborn day and night. At times, He may be “anxious” for us concerning the choices we make that result in our being distanced from Him. Yet He always desires for us to come back to Him, just as the loving father waits for his prodigal son to return home.

How do we respond to God’s preoccupation with us?  With thanksgiving that motivates us to enjoy His presence every moment of the day. To know what God is thinking about, we read His Word and spend time soaking in His presence through prayer and listening to Him. Let our first and last thought be about God. Whenever possible, let us press the pause button in our busy schedules, to simply enjoy God and His preoccupation with us. May we choose not to let our hurried and busy lifestyles rob us of these tender moments with God.



Lam Kok Hiang

Country Leader






诗人感叹: “ 神啊!袮的意念对我多么珍贵,数目何等众多。如果我数点,它们比海沙更多;我睡醒的时候,仍然与袮同在” (诗篇139:17-18,新译本)。

神不是偶尔想起我们,乃是无时无刻地持续着。诗篇139篇阐述 神的意念是个别的,祂了解关乎各人的一切并且眷顾着我们。祂的意念是珍贵的–不是随意虚浮的遐想,而是实在的和可察验的。 神的意念是独到的、深远及有意义的,要叫人至终得益(诗篇92:5; 耶利米书29:11)。 神的心思是浩大的,仿佛无边无际、绵延不绝的,叫人无法测度。纵使我们躺卧睡了, 神的心思意念依旧环绕着我们并没有止息。每当我们灰心丧志和孤独无援之时,知道 神是如此顾念,就着实深感安慰。

难道您不觉得宇宙万物的造物主并托住万有者无时无刻地眷佑着我们是件不可思议的事吗(诗篇8:3-4)? 神惦记着我们是因为祂喜悦属祂的人,宛如母亲没日没夜地看顾新生儿。可想而知, 神常为属自己的人行差踏错而操心,操心哪位离生命的道渐行渐远。然而, 神一直盼望属祂的人回转,好像慈父等待浪子回家。

我们应当如何回应 神对我们的挚爱之情呢?让我们常常感恩,在 神面前敬虔度日。让我们以读经和祷告来到 神的跟前,或者我们得以明白 神的心意。让我们谨守终日的思念、以 神为中心。唯愿我们学习随时放下手头的事务,单单享受 神的同在与眷爱,免得这些美妙的时刻被劳碌匆忙给淹没了。


愿 神祝福您,