Thrive. Grow. Excel.

It can be daunting, and even lonely for a fresh graduate entering the workforce. Changes in social schedule, navigating cultural (and even generational) differences in a new environment, and learning a new skill on the job can make for a discouraging experience.

A vision for young professionals thriving in the workplace

Truth-Living Ministry was formed to help young working professionals make the transition from school to work. Through integrating practical advice with the Word of God, close-knit community, and a vision for the workplace, we desire to see young men and women thrive, grow and excel in their respective fields. Find out how you may join us for our Discipleship Programme, a monthly Life group, or any of our recreational activities organised throughout the year!  

Our programme addresses relevant issues

These are the major marketplace-transition issues of young working professionals:
  • Theology of Work
  • Biblical Stewardship of Money
  • Spiritual Disciplines of Silence and Solitude
  • Discovering your life purpose and calling
  • Handling relationships in life and in office
  • Relational evangelism in a workplace context

What are your “Life Groups”?

Facilitated by our staff and volunteer leaders, our small Life Groups meet monthly to help individuals like you find support in the transition from school to the workplace. Through our Life Groups, we desire to provide a safe environment for friendships to form, and to see men and women nourished in their walk with Jesus.