God’s Preoccupation With Us

>>> Mandarin version of this article 神对我们的挚爱之情 Dear Ministry Partner, We can all appreciate a thoughtful surprise.  A wife is overjoyed when her husband returns home with an unexpected bouquet of flowers. She loves the flowers, but it is knowing that her husband thought of her and made the effort to get her flowers that […]

Taking Christ’s Love To The Streets

Stepping out of our comfort zone through 8-Day Challenge  8-Day Challenge participants gave of their time and energy to love the homeless in the wee hours of the morning.    With a tap on his phone screen, Marcus signed up for a night out with the homeless. This unusual opportunity came through the *8-Day Challenge […]

Life Coaching That Makes A Difference

Helping others discover God through SOARING Passion for both people and God keeps Tricia (standing) going in both life and ministry.    It all started with a desire to figure out God’s specific purpose in the new life season and workplace in 2012. Ms Tricia Tan chanced upon The Significant Woman (TSW) course organised by […]

Learning To Expect The Unexpected

How a student saw God at work in Ulaanbaatar through RevUp Amanda (L) dared to be different by choosing to go on a different kind of graduation trip!   Amanda Young, a recent Ngee Ann Polytechnic graduate, and her team mate, Yvonne Soh, were left on their own to roam a campus in Ulaanbaatar without […]

Strength in Weakness. Ambassador for Christ

Precious lessons gleaned by a millenial in full-time Christian ministry Rebecca inspires us not only with her positivity but also, wisdom beyond her years.    Millennials who join full-time Christian vocational ministry are a rare breed these days. Rebecca Kwa from Cru Singapore Campus Ministry forsook a potentially lucrative career trajectory to be a mentor […]

Is It Worth It?

>>> Mandarin version of this article 这是否值得?   Dear Ministry Partner, Some years ago, my family and I went on a mission trip to a remote village. We had the privilege of witnessing a baptism service at a river. 15 people were baptised that morning, many of whom had become Christians for barely a year. […]

What’s Hanging On Your Door?

>>> Mandarin version of this article 你的心门上挂着什么指示牌? Dear Ministry Partners, Many hotel rooms around the world provide “Do Not Disturb” and “Make Up Room” door signs for their guests to communicate their preferences to the housekeepers. During a recent hotel stay, the Lord prompted me to reflect on the condition of my heart through these […]