In remembrance of Vonette Bright

“Prayer is the greatest privilege and most revolutionary power available to the Christian, and God’s Word promises us its effectiveness. Campus Crusade was born in prayer and prayer is still our lifeline. History records the impact of what prayer has accomplished.” Vonette Bright, 1926 – 2015 – This early morning we received news of the […]

Channels, not storehouses

Giving is an expression of our worship to God and a privilege we have as believers to participate in the Lord’s work. Scriptures are replete with examples of generous giving: we have the story of the widow giving out of her poverty (Mark 12), businesswoman Lydia extending hospitality out of her wealth (Acts 16), the […]

Shaped for His purpose

On a recent trip overseas, my wife and I were so delighted to find an exquisite teacup on sale at a thrift shop. We were attracted by the intricate designs and motifs on the teacup. A teacup is an item of beauty that has undergone an elaborate process to transform it from a lump of […]

Restoring our first love

Some of us may remember singer Paul Simon’s classic song Slip Sliding Away: “We work our jobs, collect our pay, believe we’re gliding down the highway, when in fact we’re slip sliding away. Slip sliding away… slip sliding away… you know, the nearer your destination, the more you’re slip sliding away.” Paul Simon, Slip Sliding […]

Running on empty: warning signs

The blinking light on the fuel gauge serves as a warning that the car needs a refuel. Ignoring the warning light can lead to disastrous situations. In life, we must not ignore the warning signs that tell us we are running on empty — our emotional, physical, mental and even spiritual tanks can be running […]

What our success reveals about us

It has been said that crisis reveals the character of a man. Our pursuit of success will also reveal the kind of person we are too. Are we the same person prior to our rise? What do people attribute our success to? More importantly, what does God say? “But after Uzziah became powerful, his pride […]

When “one of these days…” may not come around

Dear Ministry Partner, We are usually confronted with the realisation of the brevity of life when a friend or loved one passes on unexpectedly or is found to be terminally ill. Those situations jolt us back to the reality that death is inevitable. In Psalm 39:4-6 (NLT), David prayed: “LORD, remind me how brief my […]

Watchwords for 2015

Watchwords (or mottoes) are uniquely crafted phrases that express the spirit and purpose of a community of people or organization. They rally people’s hearts towards a mission, strengthen the spirit of camaraderie and call out the best in us especially in tough times. I recently came across 3 different watchwords (two in Latin and one […]

Closures — necessary for new beginnings

Dear Ministry Partner, As the new year approaches in a matter of days, we will bid 2014 goodbye and welcome 2015. Amidst the merry mood accompanying the year-end festivities and atmosphere, we often carry with us the unseen but nonetheless tangible restlessness of unresolved issues from the past year. Events from 2014 may not have […]

The way of the Lord is through the sea

At our recent Cru Centre Dedication Service, I recounted how God led us to our current office premise at Verdun Road. It has been a seven-year journey of faith since the Cru leadership decided to consolidate our key departments under one roof. This was for the purpose of achieving greater organizational synergy and efficiency. We […]