Your child begins the journey into adolescence in a world of sexting, bullying, online stalking and moral defiance. Innocence is under attack, and you cannot win the battle with a single awkward talk or a strict set of rules. The primary defense for your child is a strong relationship with you and with God.

A Life-Changing Getaway With Your Preteen

FamilyLife has developed Passport2Purity® (P2P) to assist you in building heart-to-heart communication with your preteen while laying a foundation of purity that will prepare them for the turbulent years ahead. Through the shared listening experience, object lessons and guided conversations of a P2P weekend getaway, you can set your son or daughter on a journey of moral integrity—and strengthen the bond between you.

Passport2Purity® is designed to be used by a mother and daughter or a father and son when the child is a preteen. It is suggested that the materials be completed over a weekend away from home, as the child may be more open to discussing the topics away from his or her normal environment. If this isn’t possible, the material can be completed over a period of four or five weeks.

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Participants’ comments

“The P2P sessions really helped me in inculcating the values of how to stay purity sexually and not to succumb to peer-pressures to my son with Bible as our map, Jesus as our Compass and Father/Parents as his guide. I too benefited a lot from the materials and enjoyed going thru the games together which helped my son to develop a deeper understanding of the topics.”
Mr Kent Tan (Father of 4)

“The topics about pursuing purity and peer pressure are relevant preteens. The time alone with my daughter going through P2P made her feel very special and loved. It bonded us deeper with each other with God in the picture. I am thankful for P2P helping me impart important values to my children without awkwardness.”
Mrs Tan P. J. (Mother of 4)

“An excellent platform for opening up discussions of various topics I may otherwise find difficult to broach with my child. P2P promotes the very highest standards for purity. Perfect for parent-child bonding! My child enjoyed our special weekend together thoroughly.”
Mrs Sim C. (Mother of 2)

“Good platform for father to establish the boundaries on boy-girl relationship with their son and mother with the daughter. My son and I established that common understanding through the P2P.”
Mr Jason Chok (Father of 3)

“I love the P2P materials because they are really systematic and cover the pertinent points, dealing with sensitive issues in a matter-of-fact manner. It is this approach which opens up future meaningful conversations on these important topics. I am already engaging my son in some of these conversations, and I am not always the initiator! Love the soundtracks too as they add so much colour to the contents, bringing the message across in a clearer way (I will not forget the sound of the herd stampede!) Doing this series with like-minded brothers and their sons definitely adds yet another wonderful dimension to it, as we encourage and spur each other to even greater heights, such as continuing with the devotional series! Thank God for P2P!”
Mr Benedict Boo (Father of 2)

Broad Outline

Title Focus

Session 1
Beginning the Journey

Challenges, Traps, and Choices

Map(The Bible), Guide(Parent) and Compass(Jesus)
Col 1:18 – Focus on Christ being 1st place in our lives

Session 2
Running with the Herd

Friendships and peer pressure

Evaluation of their friendships
Evaluation of themselves as a friend
Consider the influence their peers are having on them and vice versa

Session 3
Ready for an Upgrade?

Changes in him, changes in her

Physical changes that are going to occur in the child’s life
Encourages him or her to treat the opposite sex with respect
Explains the act of sex and how it is a gift from God to be saved for marriage.

Session 4
Destination: Lé Pure

Setting boundaries

Discusses the consequences of not having boundaries
Understand what moral purity is

Session 5
Crossing the Date Line

Seeing dating differently

Dating – what is the definition of a date
How to relate with the opposite sex
Cast a vision

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there Chinese version of Passport2Purity® (P2P) audio series?

Yes, you may preview Chinese version of P2P resources at

What is Passport2Purity® (P2P)?

P2P is a five-part audio series that facilitates heart-to-heart conversation between parent and child.

What are the goals of P2P?

  1. To give parents and kids a great, informative, fun, life-altering and bonding experience
  2. To bring to light what the Bible teaches about major issues that pre-teens and teens will face.
  3. To consider issues and establish convictions.
  4. To start a conversation going… an ongoing discussion.

How can I use P2P?

2 possible ways:

  • A getaway
  • Five sessions spread over a period of time

What is the ideal age for a child to walk through the material?

Around 10 to 13 years old

Can we go through with 2 or 3 children together simultaneously? Must it be one child at a time?

We recommend doing it one-child-at-a-time whenever possible. The parent-child bonding is key to the experience. The absence of other sibling/s may help the child to open up and share deeper.

What if I am not comfortable to answer some questions or do not know how to answer these questions?

Honesty is the best policy. If you do not know the answer, be honest to acknowledge that. Find out the answer and have another conversation to address the unanswered question/s. If you are not comfortable to answer, be honest about it. Don’t ‘smoke’ your way through.

Although it is recommended for the same-gender parent to go through the material with the child, can it be otherwise? For example, my spouse doesn’t get along with the child.

Yes, although the preference is for the same-gender parent to do it.

Should parents need to listen to all the CDs before walking their child through it?

Yes, we recommend that.

Is P2P suitable for non-Christians?

P2P uses many biblical principles. Users must be aware and comfortable that P2P is fundamentally biblical.

Is P2P available in MP3 format?

Yes, downloadable MP3 files are available.